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Best New Holiday Deals

Offers for today that might not be around tomorrow...

All the best new travel deals available right now, with exclusive offers and per person price savings on the best holidays on sale today*.

The relentless growth of Strawberry Holidays has been aided by great new deals on some of the finest holidays on sale. However, with so many options on offer, it can be hard to pick out the one that’s right for you, so we’ve rounded up our pick of the best new holiday deals of 2017.

See something you like? Or if the resort of your dreams is not here. Call Kate or Fiona today for your bespoke quote on 01254 205300.

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wakelet Powered by Wakelet

*This page is a rolling library of deals that we add to daily but don’t remove once the deals have expired. We endeavor to make it clear when the deal was loaded and we always try to make sure there is plenty of availability at that price. Prices are subject to availability and can change/ expire at any time.