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One of the most beautiful islands on the planet.
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Paradise awaits you in the Seychelles. With its pristine white powdery sand, warm turquoise waters, coral reefs all captured by the island’s natural beauty. Turtles feel so non-threatened that they come onto the beaches in daylight.

The Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places on earth to Scuba dive with its crystal clear water and stunning coral reefs. Green sea turtles, manta rays, gorgonian fans are just the beginning of what you might see when enjoying a dive.

What to do

Snorkelling in the Seychelles is a must for the sea enthusiast. Find┬ásome of the world’s most amazing snorkeling spots. There are many species to be seen including, the sight of green turtles, batfish, colourful butterfly fish, parrot fish among hundreds of other species.

Kayak from one island to another where you can explore the best beaches in the world. Secluded, quiet and simply amazing. You will feel at one with nature and the only thing that will disturb you is the sound of the paddle as it ripples through the water.

Set sail and enjoy being on your own floating island as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean. There are many options for overnight stays and restaurants of your choice as you sail around the islands.

In the Seychelles you will find many rare species of animals including giant roaming turtles and rare species of birds included endangered species which are protected in the Seychelles.

Relax on this paradise island. Walk the beaches enjoy the views and the sunshine or simply have a picnic on the beach. Follow on with a couples massage which are available at the spa hotels. Then complete your day with some pre dinner cocktails before enjoying fine dining.

When to go

The climate in the Seychelles is ideal always warm. Without the extremities other tropical destinations experience. December through to March are the rainy months but it is minimal. The trade winds heavily influence the weather from October to March. The winds blow north westerly and from May to September the winds are from the South East.

The Seychelles is described as a string of pearls in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by coral reefs and white sand beaches just imagine getting married and taking your honeymoon on this paradise island.