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St. Lucia

Where the mountains meet the sea.
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St Lucia

St Lucia is an island that travellers to the Caribbean dream about. A small lush tropical gem, the Atlantic ocean kisses its eastern shores whilst the west coast owes its beauty to the Caribbean Sea.
The island appeals to all the senses as it has mesmerising sunsets, magical mountains and beautiful palm fringed beaches. Surrounded by natural beauty with its dramatic twin coastal peaks, the pitons soar 2530 feet up from the turquoise sea. Whether you’re visiting as a couple or a family St Lucia ticks all the boxes with some of the most uplifting attractions in the Caribbean.

What to do

For the active traveller there are many hiking and trekking opportunities. Explore the archaeological and historical sites.If you prefer to be on the water you can sail around the coastline taking in some whale and dolphin spotting.

St Lucia waters and beaches are a great place to practice snorkeling and idle your day away in one of the most idyllic locations. Snorkelling and St Lucia go together like strawberries and cream.

Not many islands can boast a genuine drive through a volcano however St Lucia can. If you’re in the mood for mud baths and hot springs then visit Soufriere and find out more.

A ride on the rainforest tram is a sedate experience as you listen to the knowledge of the tour guide and watch the hummingbirds overhead. A great way to combine all the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest. There is some trekking involved but it shouldn’t be missed.

Gros Islet Street Party

Situated in the north of St Lucia’s capital city, Castries is home to the Windward Island Cricket Team. Not only is the town known for its love of cricket it is also renowned for its legendary Friday night street party. If you’re into street food, calypso music and good times then this is definitely the place to spend a warm summer evening.

If you want to see St Lucia in style then a helicopter ride is the way to go. Buzzing across the lush green plantation before following the beautiful coastline.

Go scuba diving in the warm calm waters of the Caribbean fringed by coral reefs and the calm waters. Sea turtles, octopus, sharks, rays and hundreds of species of fish ply these waters. They’re fantastic for introductory diving courses and snorkelers.

Gros Piton Nature Trail Hike

Trek along the Gros Piton Nature Trail with a local guide on this full day adventure. Taking you to new heights at 2530 feet you will be rewarded with a million dollar view. You will soak up one of the most iconic sights in St Lucia. After your hike enjoy a lunch of local delicacies followed by a rejuvenating swim in Caribbean waters. This trip will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

Horseback riding on the beach is especially romantic if you go at sunset. There are also more adventurous riding trails available for the more experienced rider.

This tropical paradise with stunning white powdered sands and warm trade winds provides endless romantic potential. Surely making it an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination.

When to go

St Lucia’s climate is tropical and humid. Moderated by cooling trade winds, the temperature is pleasant all year round with average highs ranging from 28c to 32c although it can be much cooler in the mountains. The driest months are February through to May, from June to January there is more rainfall although it tends to come down in brief heavy rainfalls. The average hours of sunshine does not change throughout the year. The official hurricane season is July to November although the risk of hurricanes is very small. However there are tropical storms in the Caribbean region during this period.

St Lucia’s culture and landscape are like no other, with clear waters, white beaches and intriguing rain forests and mountains it’s no surprise that our customers return time and time again .