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Interesting attractions and laid back atmosphere it’s the perfect relaxing holiday for all.
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With 365 beautiful beaches it is no surprise that the beach plays a major part in Antigua’s island life. Surrounded by a nearly unbroken offshore reef protecting miles of white sands and hidden coves. It is a beautiful getaway with many tourists enjoying the energetic island culture but also the peace and tranquility of the surrounding emerald sea.

What to do

You could choose to just fly and flop in this paradise island. But if you want to get active hire a car and explore the island and discover the deserted beaches and coves. Head to Shirley Heights which offers the most amazing views over the Antigen coast.

Go on safari on a 4×4 to Antigua’s sugar plantation. Kayak Devil’s bridge and take a speedboat ride to Bird Island. Don’t forget to stop of at Bettys Hope, for lunch on an action packed day.

Head to Dickenson Bay which is the premier beach on the island. It offers something for everyone from glass bottomed boats, water sports and snorkelling. On some days you will see dolphins swimming alongside you in the crystal clear waters. If you’re looking to surf, head down to Galley Bay Beach which has some of the best surfing waves in Antigua.

St John’s Saturday morning market is a shoppers paradise. Local vendors from all parts of the island come to sell a wide variety of goods. Pursue souvenirs and crafts, spices and fresh produce. Don’t forget to go to the duty free shopping centre too.

During Antigua sailing week the island comes alive as dozens of yachts race across the Caribbean water. One of the island’s biggest events as yachts from all over the world arrive to create a buzzing party atmosphere.

Away from the beach

Carnival season is in July and early August. Be ready for brilliant costumes, street food and good vibrations as the calypso bands and parades create a fabulous Caribbean party vibe.

A day out at the Sir Viv Richards stadium leaves you in no doubt as to what this island’s sports focus is. With music, entertainment and a lively crowd spirit this famous world stadium will make for an unforgettable day watching the “Windes” play.

If you only take a break from the beach for one day, head to the beautifully restored English Harbour. You’ll find Nelson’s dockyard, once home to the British fleet during the Napoleonic wars and served as the headquarters of Admiral Horatio Nelson. There are restaurants, shops and the dockyard museum to enjoy. This is also a great place to take a day cruise around the island.

Why not make your wedding more memorable with a beautiful wedding service on the shores of Antigua the island also makes for that perfect romantic honeymoon destination.

When to go

Antigua is a tropical island which means that it is fairly accessible all year round. The best weather which also means high season, occurs between the months of December through to April. The best months are probably January to April. Travelling to Antigua between the months of June through to November will provide you with less crowds and usually reduced rates.