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As diverse a destination as you will find on the world stage.
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Australia is as diverse a destination as you will find on the world stage. Appearing high in people’s wish lists and once-in-a-lifetime travel plans. The draw of this wondrous part of the world is different to different travellers. For some it’s the awe-inspiring landscapes, wilderness and rugged Outback. For others it’s the cosmopolitan cities sitting on glorious coastline and beaches.

Whether you want the ultimate luxurious experience, or a more down to earth road trip, Australia is the ideal destination for a unique holiday experience. Because there is everything from wildlife filled adventures to food-and-wine tours, and ultimate surfing, snorkelling and diving you’ll have an unforgettable holiday. There really is something for everyone in Australia.

What to do

Cruise around the region and let the Captain worry about the navigation, waking up somewhere new everyday.
Self-drive along some of the world’s most scenic roads, especially fun in a camper van.
Learn about underwater life on the Western Australian coast, swim with dolphins, whale sharks and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.
City hop iconic cities Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

When to go

There isn’t a bad time to visit Australia, there are however some things you should consider. When it’s winter here in the UK, it’s summer in Australia. Many consider the best time to go is the Spring or Autumn, when you research airfares, public holidays and the climate.

The northern states are typically warm all year round, while the southern states have colder winters. December to February is summer, March to May is autumn, June to August is winter and September to November is spring.

While there is never a bad time to visit Australia, 2017 is going to be extra special. There is a calendar packed with unique-to-Oz events throughout the year. There’s the Sydney Mardi Gras, February to March, music festivals such as Blues on Broadbeach or Falls Music & Arts Festival and not forgetting The Ashes. The 65th series has high stakes for England’s Cricket Team!

Whatever you’re looking for from your holiday Down Under, Strawberry Holidays can tailor make your Australian holiday. We’ll ensure you enjoy exceptional service and exclusive offers from the top tour operators for Australia.