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Asia. This one word conjures up so many inviting and fascinating sights, smells and sounds, all of which offer beauty in their own unique and special way. Welcome to a world of contrast, where in one breath you can be reclining on caramel sands, with azure waters lapping at your feet, and the next exploring the diverse cultural wonders of remote Northern hill villages. Touch down here and you’ll find an exotic and heady land, rich in incredible cuisines, fascinating history and unique experiences. Most important of all, you’ll be welcomed across Asia by a people so warm of heart and wide in smiles that you’ll never want to leave.

Here at Strawberry Holidays, we know, understand and adore Asia, and would be delighted to share our passion for this fascinating region with you. From the temple treasures of Cambodia to the aquamarine seas of Thailand, the crumbling colonial charm of Vietnam, to the island idyll of Bali, a visit to Asia absolutely rewards a multi-stop itinerary. We’ve hand-picked a selection of the finest luxury resorts for you to base yourself in during your explorations, so take a look, and call us to discuss your next Asian escape.