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Cruise holidays are an amazing way to get out there and see the world. We love how you can wake up in a new destination every day without the hassle of packing and unpacking all the time, catching trains or flights or hiring a car. Why not indulge in your own luxurious floating resort, and explore in a fun and effortless way?

The restaurants, bars, entertainment and service on board are rarely beaten by the top land hotels. A cruise holiday is also incredible value for money. While the cost varies by cruise line, you can holiday from an amazing £100 per day.

The cruise lines design itineraries and visit destinations when it is the absolute best time to go. You can head to Northern Europe and the Med in the Summer, the Caribbean and Far East in the Winter. There’s also river cruising on smaller ships that gets you to the heart of some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and exciting cities. From action-packed culture experiences to sun-kissed tropical escapes, itineraries vary massively, and no matter what type of holiday you’re looking for there is something for you.

How to choose a cruise

Choosing from the thousands of cruise holidays available is all about knowing which ships and lines you’ll love. At Strawberry Holidays we know the amenities and on board atmosphere you can expect, meaning we’ll find one that suits you and your travel family.

With over 5 years’ experience working in the cruise industry, we know our six star luxury through to the slower river cruise pace. From the mega ships full of incredible dining venues and more leisure facilities than you’ll have time to explore, to the serene peace of a smaller premium ship designed for adults only, we’ll know the ship that’s perfect for you. And if you get the right ship on the right cruise line, we believe you’ll not look at another type of holiday again!