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How much does a cruise cost?

There are different elements to a cruise that you need to consider when thinking about the cost of a cruise. To work out the total cost of a cruise, you need to first look at the cost of the ticket price. But also the elements you’ll need, such as any flights or port parking and also what you’ll want to do. Things like excursions, speciality dining and drinks.

How much does it cost to go on a cruise?

We’ve seen cruises for as little as £40 per person, per day with a budget cruise line like Costa Cruises, Ambassador Cruises and even some P&O Cruises. On the flip side the ultra-luxury cruise lines average about £800 per person, pre day. We see an average cost for a cruise (cruise only) around £140 – £160 per person per day which is about £980 – £1120 for a 7-night cruise.

What’s included in a cruise holiday package

Cruise fares generally include a lot, accommodation, meals, limited drinks and all the entertainment. Sometimes you’ll get extras like on board spend or parking included. On a “mainstream” cruise you’ll pay extra for speciality dining, drinks, wi-fi and spa services etc. For an ultra-luxury cruise you’ll get much more included in the cruise fare. Gratuities, wi-fi are just the beginning. You can expect flowing alcoholic drinks, butler services and excursion packages.

Always check what’s included as it will vary.

  • At Strawberry Holidays, all our quotes, always include:
  • Your cruise fare
  • £25 per adult booking fee
  • Consultation services with an agent with over 15 years of travel experience
  • Itinerary planning for the entire trip (excursions and Disney planning included)
  • FREE Speedy passes through security at the airport
  • FREE check in and any API, ESTA applications
  • FREE gift upon arrival*
  • 24/7 assistance while you’re travelling
  • Bon Voyage pre-departure call to check you have everything you need in place
  • Welcome Home call to get feedback on your experiences
  • Surprises throughout

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What is the average cost of a cruise?

According to research and our experience the average cruise fare is £1009 per person. And on top of that cruisers should expect to pay an additional £389 per person on drinks, spa services and shore excursions. Remember this is without the cost of flights and other transportation and from ports.

We love the detail on the Cruise Mummy cruise price comparison table.

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What are the hidden extras you have to pay for on a cruise?

Room Service. Most cruise lines offer free room service, but some have now implemented a service charge for each order placed.
Select Menu Items.
Corkage Fees.
Soda and Bottled Water.
Specialty Coffee.
Sauna and Steam Room.
Some onboard activities

How much commission does a travel agent make on a cruise?

It is typical for a travel agent to receive a commission somewhere in the range of 7-20%. Factors that affect the commission rate include the chosen cruise line, the cabin type purchased, the length of the cruise, the cost of the tickets, and the value of any add-ons.


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