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When to travel where in 2020!

As this year has been completely up ended and it’s looking likely that if we can travel in 2020 that things will be very different. So with that in mind, I wanted to write a blog for you. A post filled with options on when to travel where from September 2020 and beyond.

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Seen by many as the most likely candidate month to see “summer” holidays resume. For me the Adriatic coast is a fantastic destination at this time of year. Croatia and Montenegro is still basking in summer sun. You can wander the Old Towns, explore the fairy tale landscapes and hiking galore.

Other places to holiday in September: Barcelona, Spain, Naples, Italy, Corfu, Maldives.


The tropical paradise Borneo. October is the start of the monsoon season but there are high temperatures and many sunshine hours. And holidays in Borneo are a world away from home. Breath-taking scenery and wildlife, ancient rainforests are just some of the attractions.

Other places to holiday in October: Cyprus, Vienna, Austria, Rome, Italy.


For many people November is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. You can enjoy really wonderful beach weather in the South. With its position in the north Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka enjoys a warm, tropical climate. High temperatures last all year-round, making Sri Lanka a fantastic holiday destination at any time of the year. It’s a great destination to combine culture with a beach holiday. With exotic temples and UNESCO sites aplenty.

Other places to holiday in November: Portugal, Valletta, Malta, Egypt, Cuba.


December is usually very snowy and very dark in Finland. It’s the time of Christmas, when Lapland and Rovaniemi, Santa’s home, become especially magical. With all that night sky it’s a superb time to see the Northern Lights too. The lakes and mountains of the country are so photogenic in December.

Other places to holiday in December: Lanzarote, Cancun, Mexico, New York City, Dubai.

Where might you travel in 2020? Let us know


Swap the depressing darkness, the cold and dreariness for the blue skies, blue waters and the sunshine of the Caribbean. It’s forever festive on a Caribbean island. You can enjoy 30-degree days filled with snorkelling and cocktails. Alternatively, Mauritius enjoys the hottest month of the year in January. Choose to spend time in world-class resorts with watersports and activities, luxurious surroundings and amazing food.

Other places to holiday in January: Tenerife, Cape Verde, Barbados, Val D’Isere.


New Zealand’s premier has stated that their borders are likely to stay closed for some time. But that’s okay because February is a wonderful time to visit. As the northern hemisphere is coming out of winter, this is New Zealand’s late summer. It’s generally hot and happening. On both North and South Islands, the temperature may soar to 25°C or higher. And you can enjoy wine harvest in the Marlborough region too!

Other places to holiday in February: South Africa, Yellowstone Park, USA, Queensland, Australia.


Daytime temperatures in the Middle East in March are wonderfully warm. The UAE has shot up to be one of the most sought-after travel destinations. Led by Dubai, but with the other six emirates developing tourism of their own to varying degrees and all offering guaranteed sunshine, excellent hotels, fine beaches, a dash of culture and the lure of desert adventure.

Other places to holiday in March: Western Australia, Tenerife, Dublin, Ireland.


April is a celebration month in Japan. With the back-to-school period starting and the famous cherry trees blooming, Japanese people invade parks and gardens, searching for the best spot to spread their blue blanket and enjoy picnicking with friends and family.

Other places to holiday in April: Thailand, Toronto, Canada, Bali, Indonesia.


May is arguably the best month to visit the Amalfi Coast: long days, warm temperatures, and lush vegetation make the coastline a true paradise, though the summer bus tour crowds that invade Positano and Capri during the midday can take a bit of the romance away.

Other places to holiday in May: Anywhere in the Mediterranean.


June is the beginning of summer in Lisbon, which is also the high season and obviously the busiest and most expensive time to travel. … Although it may vary from year to year, hot days may strike Lisbon in June. Let’s explore the best things to do in Lisbon: Wonder at the Torre de Belém. Ride Tram 28. Get lost in the Alfama District. Make a trip to Sintra. Enjoy the azulejos in the National Tile Museum. Conquer the bulwarks of St George’s Castle. Trace glorious history in the Monastery of Jerónimos.

Other places to holiday in June: Napa Valley, California USA, New York, USA.


When it comes to choosing a holiday, Greece really spoils you for choice. There’s sun-soaked Rhodes, sleepy Samos, and big names like Kos and Zante. The sunniest, hottest and driest months are July to September. Greece holidays offer a perfect destination for whatever type of holiday you’re looking for. From beautiful beaches and historical sights to the lively nightlife.

Other places to holiday in July: France, Turkey.


August holidays in Iceland are the best way to rediscover your sense of adventure. Scale glaciers and visit geysers with the best weather of the year. You’re unlikely to search for the Northern Lights, but a simmer in the famous Blue Lagoon, waterfall hiking and road trips should all be on the agenda.

Other places to holiday in August: Ireland, France.

I hope this has given you a little inspiration for your next travels. If you’d like to chat through any travel in 2020 plans please do get in touch.

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