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Dining in California – Lucky’s in Santa Barbara

Dining in California is a memorable experience. And dining in general is one of the most important and delicious parts of any trips. Do you agree? Some of my most memorable experiences abroad come from sitting around a table. When we went to Santa Barbara we dressed up, and headed out to Lucky’s we had no idea what a memorable time we would have…

Lucky’s Steakhouse, California

Santa Barbara is like a “movie town”, you know the sort, the palm lined streets of eateries and boutique shopping. It’s straight out of something you see in the movies. It has this beautiful Spanish aura too and the sun beats down on it from sunrise to sunset. We’d spent the late afternoon on the beach, it was March so the locals gave us strange looks as we stripped to our swimsuits and splashed in the water.

Tired from the drive and the sunshine we only walked a few buildings down from our hotel. Dressed in our road trip finery we gathered around the menu and decided Lucky’s Steakhouse was for us. We walked inside and the old-school Hollywood glamour of the place took our breath. As we looked at the menu tiredness gave way to ravenous hunger. And we ordered. Ant had Lobster, me, Steak and Abi something with chips, but she wanted mashed potatoes on the side. We’re on holiday so why not? Well the food arrived and it could have fed 10 of us! The plates were huge!

Tired of food “on the go”

Being on the road and at Disneyland for the first few days meant we hadn’t eaten very well. Sitting down for a family meal felt like such a luxury. And the service from the team at Lucky’s was really special. The team enquired about our accents and doted on Abi, the English rose that she is!

We learned all about the place, it had an amazing history. Lucky’s occupies a building complex originally constructed in 1926 when Coast Village Road was part of Highway 1, the original Pacific Coast Highway. It’s always been a spot for a bar, or restaurant changing names and themes throughout its history. By the 90’s the whole area was seen as “down on its luck”. But entrepreneur Gene Montesano believes in luck and he knows that the harder one works, the more luck one has. He’s the founder of Lucky Jeans too. We LOVED the end result of their hard work. And feel very Lucky to have been there.

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