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Looking Forward 2020 – Summer Holiday Love Letter

Dear Summer Holiday,

I miss you. This long distance thing has always been tough, but now we feel even further apart. I always feel like I look forward to seeing you for so long, then bam you’re here before I know it. And come home time, I don’t want it to end. When I’m home, I want to go back, and then you feel more far away than ever. That was until now. Come back. 

We have fun together don’t we?

I love the way you make me feel, my inhibitions out the window, my shoulders drop and my jaw unclenches. I love who I am with you. I’m nice to my family, I smile all the time. I take more pictures. I love my body. You know I wear things I would never wear at home? Wandering around in a bikini for two weeks!

I need you. For my sanity, for my health. I run around like a crazy person when we’re apart. You slow me down, take stock. I re-evaluate, I explore my inner self and my life. Our time together is so sacred to me. It builds our family’s relationship, the shared experiences are the lifeblood of the Holroyds.

It’s not all sunshine and cocktails, remember the airport queues? Forcing the pram through the security machine. Cursing the people who refuse to prepare themselves for the security gate walk through. I would give anything to stand in that queue right now. Plastic bag in hand with my lipstick and hand cream safely inside.

Boarding a flight is no picnic, but I endure what I must to be together with you. Some make it easy, others harder. And don’t get me started on the awkwardness that is the reclining seat.

I know we’ll be together again soon…

I can’t wait for the sunshine on my body. Those parts of me that never normally get to soak it in. I can’t wait to feel the sand in between my toes, the chills when I get out the pool or sea and start to dry off. To wake up naturally, (or to the sound of the kids as always), and later to fall into bed with a relaxed exhaustion. The type where I think of nothing but the pool games to play and where I’ll eat tomorrow. I sleep so soundly with you.

If I close my eyes, I can almost hear the distant pumping of the music from the beach bar. And the smell of the restaurant when I’m ravenous from a day outside. I can feel that bead of sweat I get in between my shoulder blades while I wander through the old town. I love the refreshing breeze that picks up as the sun comes down. 

Right now we’ve been ripped apart, and it hurts. But we’ve a lot to look forward to. When we reunite I know it will be our best times yet. I’ll not take you for granted. I know how lucky I am to have you. 

My precious summer holiday, I will always love you.

About the Author
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