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These Will be the Top Travel Trends in 2020

With the start of a new decade, it’s time to think about how we want to travel in 2020.

The past decade has been all about travelling for Insta. Bali, Japan and Mexico being the top hotspots. Yet, 2019 saw a shift in the way we look at travel as we try to lower our individual carbon footprints, opting for train and land-based travel over jetting off on a plane to remote destinations.

This theme will continue into the ‘20s, where I expect a rise in the eco-conscious traveller who is looking for a slower way to travel and searching for more off the beaten track experiences.

Taster Holidays

It feels more and more that people are aware that we remember through snapshots. And as we seek status, we’re more likely to take more trips but for shorter durations.

Extraordinary Experiences

Both ordinary and extraordinary experiences lead to happiness. So if your trip is stocked full of more everyday experiences then you can throw in some extraordinary ones into the mix.

Sustainable Travel

A hot topic for many, this year we’ve seen beach clean ups, the rise of flight shaming and more. And it’s not going unnoticed by holiday providers. Many are now committed to promoting sustainable solutions in communities around the globe.

Slow Travel

Time was when slow was pretty much a bad thing. Slow service, slow trains, slow-witted, slow to act… But now, not so much: slow has become desirable.You can embrace it by swapping whistle-stop city tours for leisurely strolls, and red-eye flights for low-key cruises. Travel should be so much more than lurching your way frantically around a destination, trying to scratch things off a tick-list (a sure fire way of reaching ‘tourist burnout’).

Multi Generational Holidays

When it comes to family holidays we’re no longer thinking of just the kids. In 2020 we expect to see more of the large group holidays as families grow. They’re a fantastic way to celebrate and to bring the family together.

This year has been completely turned on its head – where to travel in 2020 is now a key question and I’ve written a new blog about it.

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