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2020 Italy Holiday Trends

Italy holidays have grown tremendously in 2019 and that trend is set to continue into 2020 but with a few distinct differences. Clients have approached me with requests to head off the beaten track. They’re mindful of the over tourism on some of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Speaking of which mindfulness and well being holidays are topping the agenda along with experiential holidays. Especially around food and wine. 

Italy Holidays Experiences that Cater to all Interests

With Italy’s spectacular and diverse natural scenery, it has the potential to blossom into one of the world’s greatest mindful travel destinations. Meditation, yoga and mindful travel retreats are popping up all over the country. 

And today’s travel consumers trend toward experiences rather than things is why mindful travel should include several other activities besides meditation and yoga sessions.

Examples of additional activities that we offer with Strawberry Holidays bookings include horseback riding, cooking classes and hiking ancient routes.

Raviolli Cooking Class on Italy Holidays with Strawberry Holidays

Touring Italy Holidays

With an enviable rail network, an inter railing Italy holiday is a breeze. The trains are wide, and large, so plenty of room for luggage and even bikes. Timetables allow for a lot of flexibility, and when on holiday surely a seat watching the world go by is so much more appealing? If not, if you want to run on your own steam then car hire is cheap and although the cities can be a bit of a negotiation, the highways are fast and easy. Not to mention some of the more mountainous routes are car television advert worthy. And if you want to stop and admire a vista you can. 

It’s a personal decision. With pros and cons to all. 

One thing we can agree on though, is that there is a lot to see in Italy. As of 2019 there are 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy, tied only with China for the most of any other country! Of these 55 are cultural and 5 are natural. 

I’ve had clients approach me with a very clear idea of the “must-sees” on their list. And some who haven’t known where to start. Whichever of these you are a Discovery Call with me will help us whittle down to a completely bespoke and personal tour of Italy.

The Lesser Known Italy Holidays

2020 will be the year for sustainable holidays as people look for more mindful ways to travel. In 2019 Italy holidays suffered a PR nightmare as campaigns about over tourism has discouraged some would-be visitors. But there’s much more to see outside the “tourist-hubs”.

There are some fantastic family and luxury campsites across Italy and they’re a fab way to have a base to explore. There’s a Eurocamp just a few hours drive from Rome and Florence and Venice. Possibly ideal for a couple of day trips. It’s a 5-star campsite in the heart of Tuscany, offering something for everyone. 

In early October I started a cruise from Trieste, just a couple of hours outside Venice. Trieste is a city and a seaport in northeastern Italy. It is stunning. As it borders the Adriatic, and Slovenia it preserves its own unique border-town culture and retains a fascinating air of fluidity encapsulated in the Triestini dialect, a strange melange of Italian, Austrian-German, Croatian and Greek. As such a diverse area, there’s something for everyone. 

View of Trieste from Sky Princess in Port - Strawberry Holidays

View of Trieste from Sky Princess in Port

Luxury Italy Holidays

Immerse yourself in the culture and luxury of this unique country. Whether you are looking for a secret hideaway for your honeymoon, or for somewhere to explore rock pools with the kids, a luxury holiday in Italy is sure to be memorable. Whether you’re looking for a luxury villa in Italy or 5* luxury hotel on the Amalfi coast, you’ll love the hospitality, food and wine! 

From Rome’s ancient ruins and Florence’s art galleries, to Venice’s canal-side wine bars and Verona’s ancient amphitheatre, Italy’s cities are perfect for a short break or long weekend. 

Embrace Slow Travel on Holiday to Italy

Perhaps the most laid back of the 2020 travel trend slow travel is an off-shoot of the movement of slow food. Which was established in Rome in the 1980’s in protest of a McDonald’s restaurant opening. 

It’s this allure that forms the basis of slow travel – a growing trend that’s swapping whistle-stop city tours for leisurely strolls, and red-eye flights for low-key cruises. Travel should be so much more than lurching your way frenetically around a destination, trying to scratch things off a tick-list (a sure fire way of reaching ‘tourist burnout’)

So essentially, wherever possible you take the slow way. Instead of a taxi, hire a bike. Instead of a flight, take a train or a boat. The idea is that it’s the journey not the destination that’s the most enjoyable aspect. I love this trend because it connects your soul with travel effervescent. You’ll connect with a place through its history, food, language and people. Which should be more important than chasing bucket list ticks and Instagram photos.

Italy with it’s 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and diversity is surely the perfect place for a slow holiday. And I’ve found a blog – Slow Italy, which is a Slow traveller’s guide to Italy!

What do you think? Is slow travel for you? Why not book a Discovery Call with Kate to find out more?

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