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Why Everyone Should Travel Solo – At least once

If my brief encounter with Sky Princess last week has taught me anything it’s that everyone should travel solo, at least once. I was going to use the word alone, but the connotations of this word are weird. It doesn’t fit with the empowerment I got from being away on my own.

These few days away have been heaven. The places I went, the people I met, the food I ate. It has been amazing and I’m grateful every moment I’m enjoying myself.  I’ve missed the little family back home, but I’ve been a better mum since getting back. 

I started writing this blog on the last night of my shake down cruise on board Sky Princess. As I sat watching the sun vanish behind the oceanic horizon. It was seriously special. And my children weren’t running around. Nor did I have a partner vying for my attention, I just got to enjoy it. Every moment of it. My mind clear, and my breath shallow as I chilled.

Kate at Sunset onboard Sky Princess Adriatic Sea Greece October

One of the most surprising parts of the trip for me was to re-discover things about myself. Over the last 2 years the Holroyds have gone through a period of immense change. And this trip an ultimate reflection of that. And while I enjoyed plenty of time with UK press and other travel trade professionals. I was alone at times, perfect for relaxation and contemplation. 

This for me is why a trip away on your own can do you wonders. There’s a lot of talk about self care, but a 10 minute meditation or your partner taking the kids to the cinema one night might not slice it. If you want to truly know yourself then travel by yourself, for at least one night. Pack a bag, escape somewhere new. Eat on your own, shop in peace and you will not regret it.

I may have been alone. But I was never lonely. When I wanted company I headed to the Piazza, the centre of the ship, with entertainment, bars, restaurants and plenty of people. Or I would jump in an occupied hot tub, an easy place to strike up a conversation. On this trip I met such wonderful people. An social media influencer from Jacksonville, Florida, a tech-journalist from London and entertainers.

Kate at Acropolis Athens Greece October 2019

Despite the trip being exhausting and full on, I felt rested. My brain stopped going a million miles an hour, as I didn’t think about everything including the kitchen sink. The change of pace, new sounds, smells and sights were devoured by my brain and alleviated the constant whirring from in my head. 

My highlights for travelling solo…

  • No guilt. You do what you want to do
  • No timetable. Eat when you want. Swim when you want. Explore as you please.
  • Too tired to go out? No worries, stay in with a movie or a book, (or a blog post!)
  • Completely please yourself. 
  • Meet new people, take a sunbed near the funnest looking group by the pool. Or have a chat with other guests in the hot tub. 
  • Buy someone a drink at the bar. 
  • If you’re taking a cruise, set your dining time and enjoy sharing a table.

I write this now, with a fresh outlook. I urge you. If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity, travel somewhere by yourself and live in the moment!


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