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The Art of Communication

Technology is transforming our lives but booking holidays is more difficult – why?

  • Because we have less time.
  • We don’t want to search and search several websites.
  • We don’t want to sit in a travel agent’s store during our precious time off going through the multitude of options.
  • To be efficient in booking you still have to know where you want to go, when.
  • You research, you plan and then you have to navigate all the small print to make sure you’re getting everything included.
  • And you worry if you don’t book flights and accommodation together you’re not financially protected.

We’re a modern travel agency, for a modern world. There are so many things swallowing up our time these days, booking a holiday needn’t be one of them.Booking with Strawberry Holidays feels effortless. Holiday planning with no friction. No bumps. We take care of everything for you. We have commitment to a service that enables our clients to save time and better book their holidays while juggling their daily lives.

Get in touch, how, where and when you want

We don’t have a store so we’re not limited to the 9-5 and we can come to you. After an initial consultation, you then receive personal recommendations and quotes delivered into your inbox on a bespoke web page. You can view it on the go, on any device, share with friends and family. And easily see inclusions and compare options.

Phone – 01254 205300

The most “traditional” method of communication, you can call us on the phone, during our working hours which are 9am – 7pm every weekday, 9am – 6pm on Saturdays and 10am – 4pm on Sundays.

Email –

Find it difficult on the phone? Perhaps you prefer the written word. We’re available through email most of the time. If we’re busy or out of the office you will get an auto-reply letting you know. You always know where you stand.

Facebook – /strawberryholidays

Our Facebook page is a great stop for advice, information and great deals. But you can also get in touch with us there via messenger on our wall.

But don’t forget the other social media channels! You can also get in touch on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Nothing about booking your next holiday should slow your life down. Nothing else should be ignored while you sort it out. We work in harmony with you, getting to know you and your wants, needs & wishes. You have more time to spend doing things you love, with the people you love.

We’re an independent travel agent for the modern world. An outdated service we are not. Why not give us a try?
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