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The Many Ways to See Norway

Over the Peaks period we’ve seen an incredible amount of client interest in Norway. So I wanted to write this blog as a starting point for anyone looking to visit this amazing country. There are many ways to see Norway and here are some headlines for each option.


Norway is not your average cruise holiday. From the remote Polar regions to the spectacular Norwegian Fjords, Alaska’s famed Inside Passage to the tropical beauty of the Marquesas Islands, our collection of small-ship expedition cruise holidays combine relaxation and adventure and offer a truly unforgettable way to explore.

Hurtigruten specialises in voyages along the rugged Norwegian coast, with more than 120 years’ experience in these waters. The dramatic landscape here lends itself perfectly to tours by sea, and Hurtigruten cruises make a fantastic way to see the ports, cultures and wildlife in this unique part of the world.

If you want to combine more of the traditional cruise experience with the drama of Norway, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, P&O and Princess have itineraries in this region. And of course for pure opulence, the six star cruise lines, love this region. Those cruise lines include, Regent Seven Seas, Crystal, Oceania, Silversea.

Whether you want to add a cruise into a longer touring holiday or embark on the voyage of a lifetime, discovering the serene beauty, prolific wildlife and pristine landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic, choose from a selection of cruise holidays that range from a few nights to several weeks and span five continents.

Escorted Tours

A thrilling adventure across Norway, tour companies can show you the very best of this glorious glacial land. Norway tour packages offer breathtaking views, roots and culture like nowhere else in the world, and a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime experiences! From husky-driven sleigh rides to handicrafts made by the Sami people; traditional folk tales to ice fishing, there’s plenty for the avid adventurer to enjoy. Norway’s proximity to the arctic circle also offers visitors a chance to get fully acquainted with the Sami way of life and try things such as lasso throwing and reindeer herding. Discover all that’s great about Norway on escorted tours.

Winter Break

Imagine some of the world’s brightest, most spellbinding displays of the northern lights pulse through a star-spangled Arctic sky. Or feeling the exuberant tug of huskies as you mush across a frozen lake… Imagine the thrill of watching orcas glide through Arctic seas, or a waterfall thundering against cliffs of ice. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend a night in the Icehotel? Or a log cabin snuggled in the snow-shrouded forests of the far north?

The Ice Hotel

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway. Norway’s Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is a beautiful ice hotel found 15 kilometers (9 miles) outside the town of Alta, in the region Finnmark (northeastern Norway). From here, it’s only three hours to the North Cape.

Log Cabin

Norway’s reaching fjords and stunning wilderness islands are famed for their landscapes that are at once sublime yet inhospitable – and best experienced from a cosy log cabin or luxury lodge. By day, sled through snowy hinterlands or hike to craggy peaks and, come the evening, return to a roaring fire and a hot mug of cocoa in an idyllic timber cabin.

Glass Igloos

A pure arctic experience at unique accommodation in Northern Norway. Sleep under the Northern Lights in Glass Igloos and do adventurous activities during day. Each Igloo is like a studio apartment, with everything you need. Bed, seating area, kitchen, shower room (with frosted glass to protect your dignity). There’s underfloor heating and warm air pumps, you can even stay connected with complimentary wi-fi! All the modern comforts


Walking Holidays

Norway walking trips, we avoid the throngs of tourists at common vantage points and instead head for the tranquillity of the upper ground. Here, modern life will seem a world away as you take in the vista: steep hillsides and rushing waterfalls framing the crystal-clear waters of the fjords.


Northern Lights

A winter’s pilgrimage to Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland or Greenland in search of the aurora borealis is a perennial bucket-list topper. And, with good reason. It’s a truly magical experience, with dark skies overhead bursting into grand, ethereal colours. But, sightings are never guaranteed, so it pays to heed the advice of the experts. That’s why, from luxury escapes to wilderness getaways and best-value city breaks, all of our itineraries have been hand-picked by our destination specialists, having made countless trips to spot the Northern Lights

Thanks to the latitude of its stunning landscapes, Norway is one of the best holiday destinations on earth to see the Northern Lights. Its Arctic regions are even home to the world’s first observatory dedicated to studying this natural phenomenon, built in 1899. However, its dancing greens and purples have been informing Norwegian culture since well before the 19th century, with mentions in Old Norse texts dating back to 1230.

It’s important to know when Norway’s Northern Lights are at their most active in order to plan a successful holiday. The best time of year to spot them is from between September and March, with the Norwegian winter offering the best chance when it’s both cold and dry.


Imagine the outer reaches of Scotland where eagles soar and puffins strut. Whilst harbour seals make the most of sheltered coves and dolphins dance to delight holidaymakers. Now ramp that feeling up a few notches. Adding polar bears, whales, walrus, sea eagles and the occasional Arctic fox and you’re getting closer to wildlife holidays in Norway. The islands of Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja, offshore from Tromsø, demand wildlife cruises in small ships. Further north, the Svalbard archipelago conjures up cliffs covered in birds and pristine pack ice where polar bears prowl as binoculars tremble.

The best time to go wildlife watching in Norway, around Spitsbergen in particular, is May-Aug. Polar bears inhabit these islands and pack ice. Summer expedition cruises offering chances to spot walrus, seals and migrating Arctic shorebirds. Arctic skrei spawning season signals a flurry of feathers around the Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands from Feb to April. Whilst the spring reindeer migration finds Finnmark’s Sami herders heading back to summer grazing grounds closer to the coast. If you’re looking for whales around Tromsø and Tromvik, head over in Nov or Jan; Dec is too dark.

Norway is a fantastic year round destination, it just depends on what type of holiday you’re looking for. Hopefully this blog post has given you some inspiration on planning your holiday to Norway. Want to know more? Enquire today. | 01254 205300


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