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A Deal That’s Too Good To Be True

Working in travel we often hear about deals that seem too good to be true. Clients research their own holidays and come to us and say, “we’ve seen this price” and our response is often “What’s the catch?”

With really low priced holidays you often get what you pay for, and here are some of the pitfalls to look for in that “bargain” holiday deal.


  • What time are the flights?
    Less convenient or odd timed flights help bring the price of a holiday down. Have a time check.
  • Where is your room?
    Sometimes rooms that are odd shapes, or poor views, in need of an update are offered at cheap rates.
  • What are the hidden costs?
    Is there enough luggage allowance? Is seat selection included? Are transfers included?
  • Who do you call?
    Some companies actually charge customers extra for a prompt response to customer service!
  • “*Price based on” – Low per person prices on accommodation, especially villas and self catering could be because the *Price is based on X number of people and if you have fewer than that in your booking you will pay more.
  • “Subject to availability” – Prices could be based on one room being available at that price. Then once it’s gone, so has that price.
  • Board basis – If you book room only, bed & breakfast be prepared, especially in remote resorts you could end up spending a lot on drinks, and restaurant meals.
  • Check the departure airport, often prices are based on London which will be cheaper. Be prepared to pay a supplement if you’re flying from a regional airport.

Our advice is always, think about what are your must haves on holiday and what you’re prepared to spend to get them on your holiday. Search at about 20% under your budget and allow for the extras. Or use an operator or agent that includes all the extras.

At Strawberry Holidays we make every effort to be clear about what’s included with our offers. And in our bespoke holiday quotes, we clearly mark what’s included and not included in the price. We’ll work as closely to a client’s budget as possible, as long as it’s realistic. Plus premium customer service comes as standard!

About the Author
I've worked in travel for 13 years. As a marketer I've worked for Thomas Cook, Going Places, Direct Holidays, Gill's Cruises, Virgin Holidays and cruise brands,, and Strawberry Holidays was born because I LOVE TRAVEL. In the last 5 years my family and I have been to 39 places and 17 countries.