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Why You Should Book Your Next Holiday Now


Travelling is in my blood, I just love to explore new places which is why I set up my own travel firm.

Today I have a message for you about the magical time of year that the travel industry call Peaks. Please don’t hear this as a sales message, but rather a heads up about a time of year that many know very little about.

New Year Sales

Most people think of this as the time for the New Year Sales, you know that from Boxing Day for about 6 or 7 weeks, every other advert is a travel advert. You know you’ll here the ATOL protected tagline over and over. So I’m going to let you know that this is the time in the year known as Peaks. The Peak Season.

The first adverts you will have seen will be the likes of P&O, Royal Caribbean and if you’ve been following Strawberry Holidays, NCL. If you haven’t cruised before, we highly recommend you try one.

All the major tour operators are following suit, that’s because this is the period where the airlines have their best availability, which for you means the best seats are available, at the best prices. After this time, prices will only go up as more and more seats are sold.

The same goes for hotels, at this time you get access to the best rooms, and if you’re a family travelling, if you want to stay longer or have interconnecting rooms. Once again the best prices will be on offer.

Which leads us on to offers, the tour operators slash their prices at this time, meaning there are some amazing value deals for you to book. But these are snapped up quickly so you need to make sure you hear about them at the time. Our VIP email list gets the heads up on these things, so head to the website to join the list. And not only that but you’ll get instant access to our tips for travelling like a VIP.

Low Deposits

Another benefit of Peaks is that you’ll likely only need to put down a small deposit. With the balance due to be paid 12 weeks before you depart. So if you’ve gone a little over-board at Christmas – pun intended then you won’t miss out on your summer holiday deal. NCL have £50pp deposit, bespoke providers between £75 and £99 per person.

At Strawberry Holidays we deal directly with you, with no shop or call centre, our hours are when you need us. Our highly trained team love chatting travel, we’re passionate about it. Working from home we love connecting with our clients and building relationships. And we ensure that you get the best choice, value and experience when you book with us.

We want to work with you on all your travel for the next ten years not just your next holiday.

Many people want to book online but we’ve converted our clients away from this…

  • They’re tired of spending hours researching – remember my stat, 31 hours to research and book?
  • Sick of “cookie cutter” off the shelf packages.
  • They’re tired of being duped by websites, with unclear pricing.


At any given time only 48% of the world’s travel inventory is available online. Spread out across tens of thousands of websites. Let your personal travel consultant know what you want. And let us hand-pick what’s right for you.

We can work direct with hundreds of suppliers and get you great value and choice, all ATOL protected.

So now you know a little bit more about The Peak Season for Travel, hopefully this video will encourage you to get in contact with Strawberry Holidays and start planning with your personal consultant. We’ll see what we can do for you during this crazy 6 or 7 week period called Peaks.

About the Author
I've worked in travel for 13 years. As a marketer I've worked for Thomas Cook, Going Places, Direct Holidays, Gill's Cruises, Virgin Holidays and cruise brands,, and Strawberry Holidays was born because I LOVE TRAVEL. In the last 5 years my family and I have been to 39 places and 17 countries.