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Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time (And Stress!)

When we really think about it, there is only one thing we never have enough of, and that’s time. We’re all paupers in this currency and once you realise that you start to spend it very wisely.

More people are coming around to this, so what one wants in life is experiences, and that’s the way of filling the time on Earth.

And what better way of spending time than travelling, continuing to educate ourselves, and broaden our minds. But there are still the mindless, thankless tasks that take up time when embarking on our next holiday. Here are some of our “hacks” to save you from “doing stuff” and more time enjoying yourself.

Before you book

It takes the average Briton 31 hours to search for their perfect holiday. And even then there’s no guarantee you won’t spend time on the phone to confirm any special requirements, or changes. A travel agent can save you all this, just put in a call to them and they’ll not only filter down all the choices to a few recommendations but they’ll handle all the admin and any unforeseen changes. It’s hassle-free. Contract out finding your holiday today!

Hours of research can feel painful, we set up a Pinterest board called Next Holiday. Throughout the year if I come across an article or holiday inspiration I pin it to the board and review the content when it comes to that time to research the holiday destination!


Use a regional airport. Often travellers gravitate to the big hubs where there are more flights to choose from, and you can save yourself a lot of time and grief by flying out of small airports. These small, regional airports have shorter security lines, less traffic, more available parking and faster check-in. Be sure to consider all your options when booking.

Pre-program. When using a GPS unit or your phone for navigation, program all the addresses for your trip into your “favorites” section. This eliminates the need to enter addresses while driving. And have all the stops on your trip planned out.

Avoid travelling during peak travel times. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be difficult to differentiate between off-season and the prime “shoulder season.” Shoulder season is between the peak- and off-seasons. The peak travel season tends to follow the school year, while the off-season tends to occur during less favorable times of the year. Shoulder season travel features the less-expensive flights and accommodations of the off-season, while still featuring the favorable weather of the peak travel season.

Most people don’t realise that at the major hub airports you can whizz pass your fellow travellers through security by purchasing a Fast Pass. They can be bought for the whole family and mean you avoid those painful shuffling security queues.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Here’s a departure time-saving tool, start budgeting an extra 30 to 45 minutes in your nighttime routine for a shower. Nothing feels better than knowing you can get away with sleeping in just a little bit. Because you know you don’t have to shower that morning—you’re already clean!

That long-told trick of laying out your outfit the night before? Very effective while on holiday. You’ll be able to pull clothes out of your bag and make sure they’re presentable for the next day!

When you pack, roll outfits together. If you pre-plan what goes with what, you’ll save yourself heaps of time while away. Removing one of the stressful decisions and get on with enjoying your trip!

So remember, spend your time wisely and be efficient. If you need help making the most of your time away, then get in touch.

About the Author
I've worked in travel for 13 years. As a marketer I've worked for Thomas Cook, Going Places, Direct Holidays, Gill's Cruises, Virgin Holidays and cruise brands,, and Strawberry Holidays was born because I LOVE TRAVEL. In the last 5 years my family and I have been to 39 places and 17 countries.