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Bora Bora - an ideal destination for a January Holiday

Why you should go on a January holiday

Christmas hangover, financial woes, post-Christmas diets, there are many reasons why people wouldn’t take a January holiday. However there are many reasons why you should.

  1. Health Benefits
  2. It’s the best month to get value for money
  3. Escape the bad weather
  4. Avoid the crowds

Health Benefits of a Holiday in January

We all have busy and stressful lives, and the festive season can bring with it the worst of it. So January is the perfect time for some rest and relaxation. Kicking the New Year off in style. There are many health benefits of enjoying a week or two in the sunshine. We’re not even specifically talking about wellness holidays. Just to a fun, sun-filled getaway.

Vitamin D isn’t something we get a lot of in the UK, and a deficiency can make you sick, reducing your immune system and can damage your bones. A boost in it can counteract all of this as well as the effects of seasonal affect disorder.

Yoga in a Group on the Beach - Strawberry Holidays - Wellness Holidays

Group enjoying yoga class on the beach – Wellness Holidays

Indulged in one too many mince pies over Christmas? A January holiday can be the perfect way to kick start your New Year diet. With so much time on your hands, and superb fitness facilities in resorts around the world these days you could make a very conscious effort to get into shape.

Paella Dish - Mediterranean Diet - Strawberry Holidays - Wellness Breaks

Healthy diet on January Holiday

Being somewhere peaceful, and scenic or even just somewhere new on holiday in January is one of the best remedies for your mental well being, It can really contribute to a re-balancing of what’s important when perhaps life at home has got somewhat frantic.  

A good night’s sleep is often massively undervalued, it’s vital that we rest and recover. Sleep well on your January holiday and recover physically and emotionally. When on holiday your sleep improves, not only because you get more fresh air, but you’re more relaxed, so find it easier to turn off at night. But in our opinion the best bit? No need to set an alarm!

Booking the holiday and the anticipation of the trip is one of the most thrilling elements to a January holiday. Imagine the next few weeks or months, counting down to the moment the sun warms your face, and you feel the sand between your toes!

January Holidays are the Cheapest of the Entire Year

Up to 67% cheaper!

For city breaks in January 2019 the average price per person per night is £53.60. This includes flights and accommodation, When it comes to a 7 or 14 night long January holiday you can head to the beach for as little as £51.57. The most expensive months for an overseas city break are May and August while the priciest months for a short-haul holiday at the beach are December and August. With fantastic destinations in the Canaries and Turkey offering year-round sunshine, pleasant temperatures and all just a few hours flight away – there are some real sunny bargains to be had!

Miami Beach - City Break - January Holiday - Strawberry Holidays

How about a City Break to Miami with Strawberry Holidays

Escape the Great British Weather

The British weather is always so unpredictable, but the one thing you can rely on in January is that the weather will be poor. Short days, lots of cloud, snow, sleet, rain and the cold. It’s not a season we love at Strawberry Holidays. That’s why a winter holiday in January is such a fantastic way to use our holiday allowance.

Avoid the crowds

If you’re in need of peace and quiet then a January holiday could be perfect. With fewer other tourists you can enjoy your destination like the locals, fewer queues, crowds and cheaper prices too!

Low season holidays have many perks! If you’re on the lookout for a winter escape, a holiday this January then get in touch! | 01254 205300


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