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How we connected with May King Tsang

One of the best things about running your own business is that you never know when an
opportunity is going to pop up. I love the uncertainty, and I get a rush when I manage to walk
away from a conversation having built a new relationship as well as a lead.

That’s exactly what happened when I started working with May King Tsang. I was attending a
training session delivered by May King at Blackburn College, all about social media. We were
talking after class one day, building our relationship, and she happened to mention a conference
she’d booked to attend the following March.

My Strawberry senses started tingling because I knew the conference, and I knew it was in the
US. So I popped in an undercover investigative question, “Have you booked your flights?”. What
followed was pretty special, May King launched into a volley of reasons why she hadn’t “got
round to it” and how she wasn’t sure “when she would find the time”. It was here I stopped her
and said, “let me help”.

What happened next has happened to me a number of times now, as a travel agent, and I
LOVE the feeling it gives me. It was like I saw a physical weight lifted off May King’s shoulders. I
could see her eyes brighten and she suddenly had clarity. She of course knew my business but
it took my offer to help for her to connect her problem with my solution. And I could only have
put forward that offer due to the relationship we had built in our conversations about a common
interest in social media.

May King Tsang and Kate Holroyd at TEDx Liverpool – June 2018

It is from here that May King and I have built more than a client – supplier relationship. And
through getting to know May King as a friend I’ve learned more about how to work with her in a
mutually beneficial way and more efficiently as a client.

This is true of more clients than just May King, we work as hard on our relationships as we do
on the recommendations we put forward, because those relationships define the options we
send over! How we send them, and how we save you time, or effort in sourcing the right travel
plans for you.

We see this time and time again and it’s something I’m incredibly proud of. | 01254 205300

About the Author
I've worked in travel for 13 years. As a marketer I've worked for Thomas Cook, Going Places, Direct Holidays, Gill's Cruises, Virgin Holidays and cruise brands,, and Strawberry Holidays was born because I LOVE TRAVEL. In the last 5 years my family and I have been to 39 places and 17 countries.