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A weekend in Edinburgh

It’s always difficult to sit down and write these blogs. And not for why you’d think. When I return from a trip I end up with mind meltdown. When you do so much picking out highlights can be really tough. So I’m going to try my best to pick out the highlights of my sister’s hen weekend in Edinburgh.

Let’s start where all good stories start. The beginning.

The Journey

Living in the north west of England definitely has many perks. Not least because, via the train we’re not more than 3 hours from most places. Preston to London, 2 hours 08 minutes. Preston to Edinburgh, 2 hours, 20 minutes.

Day One

When we reached the city, we headed straight for lunch. Wahaca is a chain restaurant of Mexican street food, and was a delight. Kicking off the weekend with lovely food, cocktails and great company! Once fed and watered a couple of us headed to the apartments which were just a 5 minute cab ride (15 minute walk) from the city centre. The Playhouse Apartments were lovely, comfortable, clean and modern. Once we’d settled in it was time to head back out to the Christmas Markets!

Something that really stood out to me in the markets, other than the usual Gluhwein and cooking smells, was the lack of crowds. Unlike Manchester, you weren’t swallowed up into a heaving body of people. Taken by the herd from stall to stall. There was space and room to enjoy walking around the market. We shopped, ate, drank, played games and went on rides!

Later that day

We sloped off home early, the cold had got to our fingers and toes. We hadn’t yet acclimatised. The apartments were large enough for a major PJ party. They were easy to find, we ordered in and enjoyed the warmth and comfort of our own space.

Day Two

For me day 2 started early, I wanted to explore the city, get pictures. Just be. Edinburgh is a great place to do that. It’s small enough to wander through in a day or two but large enough that you feel you’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg.

In short breaks here, I’ve been to the Edinburgh Dungeons, Camera Obscura, toured the Castle, braved the Tenement tour (really creepy – but fascinating).

At night the town comes alive with thousands of choices for live music, great food and live comedy, you’ll struggle to know where to start! If you’ve been sightseeing all day, a cool restaurant and a few drinks or comedy club would be ideal. Or head to Blair Street for clubs and very late bars to watch the night turn into day!

Night two for us was a fantastic Cocktail Masterclass at Revolution, followed by live comedy at Monkey Barrel and then dancing. As a large group we had a blast!

The truth is, we can write, vlog and show all the pics in our camera roll, but all of that won’t get across the specialness of this city. Even though it was freezing, we had the warmest welcomes. The city exudes fun times, it just feels good.

Kate organised the weekend for 30 with fantastic provider of hen weekends OffLimits. Their experience and options is wide-ranging and we would highly recommend them.

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